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Homes included in Cascade Park HOA

NE 3rd Ave 3205-3470
NE 3rd Ct 2665-2705
NE Kaster Dr 2724-3256
NE Kinsale Ct 270-286
NE Lenox St 271-295
NE Milne Rd 274-299
NE Phoenix St 300-304
NE Tralee Ct 276-298
NE Wilcox St 296-297

About Us

Cascade Park is a 91-home neighborhood in Hillsboro, Oregon with the primary entrance at the intersection of NE 3rd Avenue and NE Evergreen Road.

The HOA was incorporated in 1994 and is managed by a volunteer board.


Cascade Park Bylaws

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Cascade Park CC&R Amendment 1999

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    Our Board

    The board of the HOA of Cascade Park is responsible for providing information to residents about the rules of the HOA community as defined in the Declaration of Covenants, Conditions and Restrictions (CC&Rs).  They are also responsible for maintaining any HOA-held land (the entrance at 3rd & Evergreen) including landscape, repair of structures and any costs associated with holding this property.  Additional duties include holding HOA membership meetings and various accounting tasks regarding homeowner dues and collection.